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After their successful stint in Australia, experiencing different cultures and cuisines, the two friends, Honey & Nishant, decided it was time to move back to their roots in India to start a new phase of their lives with "Australian Gol Guppay Wala".

They fell in love with the vibrant street food scene in India, particularly the famous chaat stalls that dotted every neighbourhood. With their love and passion for food, they set out to achieve their vision of providing authentic chat flavours to their customers. They travelled across India, delving into the heart of its street food culture. From the bustling lanes of Delhi to the narrow alleys of Kolkata, they learned about the secret spices, the perfect chutneys, and the art of balancing flavours.

Finally, armed with their extensive knowledge and a menu featuring a wide variety of chaat options from different regions of India, they opened the doors to Australian Gol Guppay Wala in their hometown (Dehradun) in India. They were determined to give their customers a taste of India's rich culinary heritage, infused with their own experiences.

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